School Facilities

School Building

Our school takes pride in having a magnificent, child friendly building
● All the classrooms are airy, well-lit, fully equipped with fans and lights.
● The class rooms are spacious as per the requirement of the students.
● The size and shape of school furniture has been specially designed to suit the various age - groups of the students.
● Special rooms are there for the activities of Dance, Music, Art and craft.
● The school provides hygienic and a comfortable atmosphere to the students.


To enhance the knowledge of students, there is a science laboratory.
The objective that may be achieved through the use of the laboratory in science classes
● Skills- Manipulative, investigative, communicative and organizational
● Concepts- Hypothesis, theoretical model and taxonomy category.
● Cognitive abilities- Critical thinking, problem-solving, application and analysis.
● Understanding the nature of science- Scientific outlook & existence of scientific methods.
Keeping in view the above features, the school science lab has been designed to facilitate students to carry out the subjective practicals.

Activity Room

The school has a separate activity room, which is well-designed and well-suited to the needs of children.
Various activities like workshops, quizzes, dramatization and puppet show etc are conducted in this room.


Our priority is the safety of the students.
The school provides safe and comfortable transportation to its students.
Our fleet of school buses and vans is designed as per the standards.
All the drivers are trained.
Bus attendants take due care of the students’ safety.
We ensure that everyday the students travel in a comfortable manner.
School runs its own CNG vehicles to avoid the irregularities of hired vehicles.
The drivers are experienced, helpful, well-behaved and responsible.
School provides pollution-free transportation.


Library is the nucleus of the school. We have a spacious library well-stocked with books. They provide rich material to supplement and enrich the instructions given in the classroom.
The books are selected by the individual department heads under the supervision of Headmistress and librarian.
Our library has sections ranging from text books, fiction, non-fiction and general knowledge.

Swimming Pool

To focus on strength and fitness, and for the conduct of swimming activity as well, our school also has the facility of swimming pool
Special care is taken about sanitary and hygiene.

E-Learning-Internet Labs

E- learning is the new academic thrill which grabs the attention of the students with its excellent features. It is the X-factor in the process of modern education system and learning. It is a brilliant tool in the effective learning process and recapitulation. Our E- learning includes
Two spacious, fully air-conditioned computer labs.
High technological set-ups
Internet connection on all computers in both labs.
Experienced faculty
Computers are replaced and updated every few years to keep pace with the changing technology.

Parents Teacher Conference

PTM is organised time to time as to keep the parents well informed about the performance of their ward.

Importance of PTM
Understanding the parents’ perspective
Tackling the problem
Better communication with teachers

Safe Drinking Water

Keeping in mind the need of providing safe drinking water, the school management has set up RO water treatment

Smart Class

The school has introduced smart class facility to the students to provide them better understanding of concepts and syllabus through graphics, diagrams, illustrations & animation. All this has made the class room learning more interesting and has stimulated the students to visually capture the more complex and elusive concepts. The smart class programme is mind-stimulating and has helped in improving comprehensions and concentration.


Counselling is a very important ingredient in shaping students’ behaviour and performance especially in schools. The life of students is getting complicated day by day. Guidance and counselling is needed to help the students for optimum achievement and adequate adjustment in the varied life situations. The counselling helps in :

Stress Management:- Various psychological adjustments and behavioural problems are duly attended to by our well qualified and trained counsellor.
Dealing with problems:- Students are advised how to cope with different situations faced by them in their school life.
Time Management:- It helps to instill discipline and punctuality in students.
Yoga cum Meditation Hall:-
Yoga is a very practical self help technique which can solve the modern ailments. We firmly believe that yoga classes are beneficial for the mental and physical development of child’s basic structure. Yoga also provides physical, moral & spiritual strength to enlighten the students mind.