About Us


“ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY” Every great institution requires adequate time to be accomplished: Twenty seven years ago, here was a piece of barren land on which was made a grand building to stand. It was named St. Andrews Scots School. The school never looked back because of the devotion, dedication, exuberance and hard work of management and staff. The school that started with the intention of providing quality education, has grown by leaps and bounds. Since 27 years of its inception the school has devoted itself selflessly for setting new standards of excellence in quality education. St. Andrews Scots School established in 1989, has today become one of the best schools in East Delhi, providing excellence in education and conducive atmosphere to its students to grow with every new experience.


Our Mission

The mission of our school is to provide good quality education and a protective atmosphere with special facilities. Our mission includes nurturing in students the values of hard work and discipline in their quest for excellence.

Our Vision

  1. To empower children through education so that they excel in every field and achieve the heights of success in their lives.

  2. To foster in them a spirit of love and hope, helping them develop rational thinking and compassion at heart.

  3. To motivate all the students to elevate their potentials, hobbies and talents to the fullest.

Our logo is of great significance as it suggests the need to follow wise impulses, enlightened thoughts and thereafter adopting the true value of humanity. Our logo also signifies that like a candle illuminates and its light removes the darkness similarly St. Andrews Scots School removes ignorance and shines one's way of life by channelizing the energy in right direction. With every sunrise, we try to bring a new hope in our students' lives by encouraging them to make our nation proud

Why Choose Us:-

● Second home to the students
● Friendly and healthy atmosphere
● Students are crafted to become leaders of tomorrow
● Inculcate moral values
● Instil sense of patriotism
● Make the students learn to follow the norms of the country
● Providing a happy, stimulating and challenging environment where every individual is welcomed & respected
● Teachers are friendly, approachable and helpful and always happy to discuss any concern
● Results are consistently high and have been for many years
● Our school has many active clubs and community groups
● We place an emphasis on ensuring that all children are safe
● Regular physical activity for all students
● A focused curriculum
● A wide range of extra-curricular activities
● We promote an ethos of care & respect
● We focus on making our children Nation builders.

Foundation by

About twenty seven years ago, the school was founded by Late Sh. J.K. Arora in Jagat Puri, Delhi.


The school is recognised by Directorate of Education, Govt. Of National Capital Territory of Delhi.