Beyond The Class Room


Sports is as basic to a child’s total development as good food and healthy atmosphere. So, we at St. Andrews Scots School strive to empower young minds to emerge masters in all areas of learning, aiming to transform dreams into reality. The school strongly believes not just in imparting a robust education, but also in bringing out the very best in every child by providing a blend of academics and sports.
Students enthusiastically showcase their diverse talents and their desire to excel by participating in Taekwondo, Cricket & Karate, etc.


Club activities are a fun and meaningful way to compliment a student’s classroom education. They provide a familiar and creative atmosphere to enjoy their leisure time through healthy recreational activities and hobbies. Clubs propagate social, ethical and patriotic values to make them responsible citizens.

The key-elements of club activities:-
● Enhancing personality
● Explore hidden qualities
● Inculcating team-spirit, discipline, co-operation and determination.
● Break monotony of class-room teaching-learning process.
● Students belonging to different backgrounds, get to learn how to live in harmony with others in the community.
● Self-actualisation by channelising youthful energies towards achievements.

Self Defense

Self- Defense sessions in schools is the need of the hour. Self-Defense for the students must be made into an important part of the curriculum. It is an art in which foes are defeated without the use of any weapon. Considering the importance of Judo, we have well-trained Judo instructors who give proper training of self-defense to the scotians. The coaches are specialists and National level players who train students for tournaments. Our aims and objectives of teaching Self-Defense:-
● It may prevent the students from being bullied
● It promotes calm and effective thinking
● The students learn new skills
● It boosts the students’ confidence
● Improves social skills
● Encourages to work harder
● Keeps the kids active
● Helps in handling situations like eve-teasing, exploitation and browbeating.

Excursions and Field Trips

Excursions and picnics are an integral part of students’ life as they break the monotony of their hectic-routine and give them an opportunity to explore themselves. Believing in over-all development of the students, excursions are planned.

Visit to Mother-Dairy -

The students of class VIII visited ‘Mother Dairy Plant’ located at Patparganj, Delhi. The purpose of the visit was to collect information about step by step procedure of procurement, processing and distribution of milk. The students gained knowledge about the various techniques used and the products obtained through a documentary film. One spokeperson from consumer information department briefed the students about the varieties of milk available and the benefits of consuming them by different age-groups. The students not only enjoyed the flavoured milk and ice-creams served at the stalls but also learnt about “operation flood” started by the government to light up farmers lives with prosperity & self reliance. The visit was an “EYE OPENER” for the students.


Students of class Nursery visited Bal Bhawan in the month of November. The students explored the mini-train, museum, swings, art activities, games & music there. Our students were awestruck and enjoyed their ride on mini-train which started from the miniature railway station and passed through a tunnel.


Students of class Nursery & Prep visited Doll’s Museum in winters.They learnt about dolls from different countries, traditional jewellery and dresses. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and had a memorable experience. It was overall a day spent with gaining knowledge.


Our school organized a visit for the students of class Prep to Indraprastha park to give the students a break from work and daily routine.The students and teachers felt fresh and renewed vigour. It was a short trip for pleasure. The atmosphere was full of excitement, fun and frolic.


Students from classes Nursery to VIII were taken out for their annual picnic to the ‘Worlds Of Wonder’ in the month of October. The students enjoyed a lot. They were thrilled to see the different rides and had a wonderful experience


Akshardham is dedicated to Swami Narayan. The paintings, sculptures and relics give a very vivid glimpse into ancient Indian culture and tradition. The “Saransh club” organized an educational trip for the students of class Nursery and Prep to the Akshardham temple in the month of January, 2016. In the Akshardham temple, the students saw the temple premises the inner sanctum of the temple and experienced a spectacular, boat ride which took them through India’s glorious heritage. The visit was a great learning experience and they were spellbound by its grandeur and glory.


The word excursion brings a cheer and smile to the face of the students, whether simply going to a park or a historical monument or any other place. It adds spice to our life.

Field trip to Najafgarh -

A trip to Najafgarh was organised after summative assessment - I examination to make the students feel relaxed. They had a gala time on the swings and slides and thoroughly enjoyed the camel and horse ride. The children had a great opportunity to see the rural culture and the mouth watering traditional cuisine. Students saw and experienced, different facets of Indian culture in the form of handicrafts & delectable cuisines.

Field trip to Pratapgarh -

The students of class III to VIII had a fun-filled outing to Pratapgarh. The students enjoyed trekking and wall-climbing. The children took part in the adventurous activities with great enthusiasm and gusto. It was a remarkable experience for those who visited Pratapgarh. They had fun watching greenery & traditional culture.They sang and danced whole-heartedly. The students were mesmerized by the musical delight. They also visited Bio-gas plant.


On the occasion of Baisakhi, a visit to Gurudwara was organized for our tiny-tots. They covered their heads and worshipped Guru Granth Sahib. Children learn religious values by going into such places. They went quietly in lines, had prasad and prayed with folded hands. They enjoyed langar in Gurudwara. All came back happily.

Trip to Hills (Mussoorie) -

Trip to Mussoorie was yet another trip which did justice to the word ‘EXUBERANT’. The hill station Mussoorie is really fantastic. The students went to ‘Kempty fall’ which seemed to add to Mussoorie’s beauty. Trekking to sunset point was icing on the cake. On the whole the trip was boisterous and fun filled and a good learning experience.

Outreach Community Programmes

“SCHOOL BELIEVES IN GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY” Another activity to indulge into a plethora of fun was organised to serve the community. For this community outreach programmes are organized on regular basis, by our school. These programmes keep the students updated and aware about the happenings in and around them. It also helps them to be prepared for meaningful services. A rally was organized by the students of class VI to VIII to spread awareness about global warming and the urge to save the Mother land.

SOS. Children’s villages of India -

SOS Children’s villages are committed to the welfare of parentless and abandoned children. The school management and students contributed money to help those children.The school got an award from SOS Children’s villages as the school donated money.

Music and Dance

Music and dance affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We believe that every child requires an artistic outlet. Music and dance can be described as any child’s vehicle of expression. Musical training permanently wires a young mind for enhanced performance.